Contestant and Researcher: Delivered a 5-phase research report on “Waterproof”, a sustainability project to create environmental impact and prevent drought

  • Worked on a project to utilize solar energy to provide clean and safe drinking water for underprivileged communities in East Africa and the Middle East.
  • Awarded the second place in Earth and Life Sciences field among all contestants
  • Presented the workgroup and its approach to the climate change issue in different formats and documents
  • Explored the Less Economically Developed Countries (defined by the United Nations) to determine the main issue as lack of purified water and droughts
  • Effectuated a SWOT analysis to describe the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats
  • Prepared a marketing plan to define the general beneficiaries, potential clients and competition
  • Examined the organizational plan by determining the objectives, strategy, external environment, internal inventory and human right capabilities, forecasting, need for people available
  • Computed an economic and financial plan to formulate the elaboration of the balance statement regarding assets, liabilities, and equity
  • Researched the reverse osmosis membrane, solar panels, drip irrigation system engineering techniques to be applied to draw a prototype of the service
  • Assembled a Gantt Task Chart to specialize an implementation time table
  • Documented the process of the research by designing a blog
  • Additional information:
  • You can reach reports by clicking phases written below;

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