Assessment Researcher: Conducted research on the current innovation ecosystem of Istanbul in terms of intellectual property, economic frameworks, availability of investors, legal definitions, government support, diversity of higher learning, and sustainability ecosystem

  • Identified the research metrics and participants to define the evaluation fields
  • Prepared the questions in both English and Turkish and conducted a survey to gather information from the entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in Istanbul
  • Gathered, examined, and clustered data from the survey conducted to present opportunities for introducing new products including patent system, protection of copyrights and trademarks, and availability of funds from business incubators and accelerators
  • Prepared tables to illustrate the variance in data and to assess the innovation and sustainability ecosystem
  • Compared the current innovation ecosystem to the previous research conducted on the same subject
  • Learned how to do market intelligence (technological benchmarking and reverse engineering)
  • Prepared possible steps that could be taken to improve the environmental impact and enhance the innovative growth of the region.
  • You can read the research by clicking here.