Co-founder of imeceLAB & Intern: Focus on the project Youth Movement/imeceLAB, which aims to bring about effective innovation within the underprivileged Anatolian area in order to expand the scope of education

  • Lead the content creation and active learning for the Youth Movement/imeceLAB
  • Define the KPIs for the Youth Movement/imeceLAB in collaborating with the stakeholders
  • Schedule meetings regarding the Youth Movement/imeceLAB
  • Record and collect the outcomes of the Youth Movement/imeceLAB for the impact measurement assessment
  • Influence students interested in social change and impact coming from all around Turkey
  • Enable the communication between the students, businesses, mentors, angel investors, philanthropists, and influencers

  • Assist in all aspects of ongoing projects of the social innovation platform and the incubation program
  • Assist the organization of the newly developed online incubation process 2.0 which aids social entrepreneurs while establishing their startup Do a benchmark research on social innovation programs globally
  • Translate presentations and documents from Turkish to English
  • Help the prototyping and testing process of products from the Maker Lab
  • Contribute to the design and user experience part of all ongoing projects
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